Luxury Condo Sizes and Styles

– Dreams – Built – Kept – Stored – 

Sample Garage Condo Styles

Luxury Sports Car Storage

Our garage condo storage units offer premium features to support your personal or small business warehouse needs. 

Exclusive Mancave Oasis

Create your own personal oasis and customize it to meet your garage condo storage and hobby needs. 

Personal Vehicle Vault

Own a garage condo unit with the luxury of knowing your precious cargo is protected with 24/7 surveillance with an automated gate.

Multi- Use Vehicle Storage

Upgrade your customizable garage condo units to have epoxy floors for your precious toys. 

Secret Spaces


Use our garage condo premium units to comfortably create your own “club”. 


Use our garage condo units with mezzanines to host your small business.

Sample Buyer Customized Unit

Our units are great for your everyday hobbyist garage storage space needs. 

Sample Premium Unit

Our premium units allow for comfortable and spacious environments in your luxury garage condo. 

Customizable Combined Units

Combine a unit or two if you need the additional space for your luxury garage condo!

Sample Garage Den Storage Unit Sizes

bldg a

25 x 48 Ft Units
25 x 14.5 Ft Mezzanine
3 Units Remaining

bldg d

30 x 50 Ft Units
30 x 14.5 Ft Mezzanine
3 Units Remaining


25 x 48 Ft Units
25 x 14.5 Ft Mezzanine
2 Units Remaining

bldg e

24 x 70 Ft Units
24 x 14 Ft Mezzanine
1 Unit Remaining

The Garage Den Phase 1 Buildings Available

The Garage Den is where dreams are built, kept, and stored.

We offer 36 exclusive units of luxury garage condo spaces that allow you to combine your hobbies with real estate.